How to Clean a Color Transfer on White Patent Leather

Rubbing alcohol

Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Color transfer occurs when the dyes on new shirts or fabrics become rubbed onto white patent leather. White patent leather is vulnerable to dye stains as well as everyday ink, dirt or grease stains. Patent leather generally has a smooth surface, which helps make stain removal with household products easier.

Clean the surface of the white patent leather. Mix one part alcohol and one part water and either pour this into a spray bottle or apply onto a rag. Then use the mixture to clean the patent leather free of the color transfer. Let the leather air dry without direct contact with sunlight.

Make a cleaner. Mix one part vinegar with two parts raw or food-grade linseed oil. Apply this mixture onto a lint-free rag.

Apply the cleaner onto the white patent leather. Using swirling movements, rub the cleaner onto the leather. Let it dry overnight.