How to Remove a Stain From a White Leather Jacket

by Amy Dombrower

Properly cleaning a white leather jacket normally requires a professional cleaner. However, there are ways you can keep your jacket clean at home. If you get a stain on your jacket, it’s a good idea to treat it as soon as possible. Not all stains can be removed, but you may be able to clean the leather with a few simple household products.

Items you will need

  • White toothpaste
  • Nail polish remover
  • Aerosol hairspray
  • Clean cloth
Step 1

Gently squeeze a small strip of regular white toothpaste onto the stain. Rub it in lightly with a clean cloth. Gently rub it off. This method can work on all types of stains

Step 2

Apply non-acetone nail polish remover to remove ink stains. Dab some onto a clean cloth and rub it gently onto the stained area of your jacket. Gently rub it off with the cloth.

Step 3

Apply aerosol hairspray to a tough stain that isn’t responding to the other two methods. Spray hairspray onto the stained area of the jacket. Wipe off the hairspray with a clean cloth. Repeat several times as needed.

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