How to Remove Adhesive No-Sew Tape

Laundry iron

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Adhesive no-sew tape serves as a lifesaver for anyone who needs a fast sewing repair job done but doesn't have the time to haul out the machine. This tape provides a professional-looking solution to mending and hemming the clothing item quickly and efficiently. Sometimes removing the tape becomes necessary. Remove adhesive no-sew tape by choosing from a few simple tricks.

Iron the area where the adhesive no-sew tape adheres to the fabric using a hot setting. Extreme heat will cause the adhesive tape to lose its adhesive properties.

If the Step 1 doesn't work, squirt Un-Du, a liquid adhesive remover, on the area where the no-sew tape adheres. Then scrape the dried glue off of the garment or fabric. Un-Do dissolves the adhesive. Locate Un-Du in the scrapbook section of a retailer or stationary store.

If at-home remedies don't work, find a dry cleaner that uses tetrachloride (also called "perc"), a chemical carbon, in the cleaning process. Tetrachloride dissolves adhesive no-sew tape.