How to Keep Glitter in Clothing From Shedding

pots of glitter image by Warren Millar from

Glitter adds glam to clothing items, but it can shed over other surfaces while you wear it. You may find bits of glitter on other clothing items, furniture and in your car. This is because the glitter has been attached to the garment with adhesive but has not been sealed completely. You can avoid spreading the glitter on your clothing and other objects by sealing the glittery area of the garment before wearing it each time.

Shake the garment over a trash can to remove glitter that is already loose.

Lay the garment flat on a table, glitter side up.

Spray the item with aerosol hair spray with a "Maximum hold" label. Spray the hairspray over the entire glittered area. This will act as a sealant for the glitter.

Allow the spray to dry for about 10 minutes before wearing the garment.

Wash the glittery garment by itself in the machine or by hand. If you wash it with other articles of clothing, turn it inside out to avoid transferring glitter to the rest of the laundry.