How to Paint Clothes Silver

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If you fancy having some wacky-colored clothes, or are dressing up for a space-aged party, then painting your clothes silver is a must. Painting clothes using silver spray paint is effortless and requires no experience. Plus, the silver sheen is clearly visible and more metallic than regular-wash dyes. Painting clothes in silver is no different to any other color. So get creative and begin experimenting with this futuristic color.

Read the instructions on the fabric spray paint before you begin. Pay attention to whether you can wash the clothes afterwards and how long the paint takes to dry. The fabric may only resist 30 degree washes.

Hang newspaper in a well-ventilated area -- against a wall is ideal. Tape it using masking tape or sticky tape.

Hang the clothes on coat hangers and hang them in front of the newspaper.

Cut lengths of masking tape to cover areas on the garment that you do not want to be painted. For example, the label, logos or buttons. The masking tape creates a barrier so the paint does not attach to the areas underneath it.

Shake the spray can of fabric paint thoroughly for at least two minutes. Then, hold it firmly in one hand with one finger placed on the nozzle. Hold it vertically.

Spray the silver paint on the clothes. Use long sweeping movements with your arm to transfer the paint to the clothes. Hold the can about 10 inches away from the surface to avoid creating patches or blotches of paint.

Paint one layer, and then leave it to dry before adding another. Do not rub the silver paint as this will ruin the metallic effect by leaving fingerprints, smudges or smears across the clothing.

Build up three of four layers of paint to create a solid coating of silver paint. This will show off its shimmer and leave a metallic effect on the fabric.

Leave the garment to dry. Check to see that all areas are covered with silver paint. Remove any masking tape you placed on the garment.