How Do I Get Glitter Off Clothing?

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Glitter is a ubiquitous craft supply and party favor. It can be a festive addition to any occasion and a heck of a lot of fun to toss at revelers. It can also add sparkle to any project. But it is a nightmare to remove from clothing. The tiny particles of glitter stick easily to party dresses and jackets, sweaters and scarves and even skin. With a few simple steps you can get rid of the glitter.

Glitter Be Gone

Flatten article of clothing and apply pieces of sticky tape to the clothing to remove the glitter. Do not use duct tape because it might damage the clothing.

Roll a lint roller over the article of clothing until all of the glitter has been removed. This is especially good for removing large amounts of glitter.

Spray hairspray onto the area where the glitter is lurking. Let the spray dry. Once the glitter attaches itself to the spray, simply shake the piece of clothing and the glitter will fall off.

Wash the glittery clothing and then dry it, being careful to remove any of the dislodged glitter from the washer and then the dryer with a damp sponge, so it does not attach itself to any more of your clothing.

Shake off the glitter. It may take some time, but if the fabric is fairly smooth, you should have good luck with a simple shake.