How to Get Dried Gum Off of Black Pants

by Kimbry Parker

You might feel like crying, screaming or even laughing after sitting in a blob of gum. Whichever the case, hardened gum is actually easier to remove from fabric than soft. It will still take a little persistence to get all the gum off your pants, but with the right products, your black pants will be gum-free in no time.

Rub an ice cube over the gum even if it feels dry. This will harden the gum even more so it’s easier to remove.

Chip away as much gum as possible with a butter knife. Work the tip of the knife under the gum and lift carefully to break off pieces. Do this until you can no longer chip away any of the gum.

Scrub briskly over any remaining gum with a dry toothbrush until no more gum is coming off the fabric.

Lay the black pants on a stack of paper towels with the gum spot facing down.

Moisten a clean rag with dry cleaning solvent and sponge it onto the back of the gum spot.

Let the dry cleaning solvent dry completely, then rinse the affected area of the black pants under cool water.

Spray the front side of the gum spot with a prewash laundry stain remover.

Rub heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent into the spot as well.

Let the spray and detergent sit on the spot for about one minute, then launder the pants as usual.

Items you will need

  • Ice cube
  • Butter knife
  • Toothbrush
  • Paper towels
  • Rag
  • Dry cleaning solvent
  • Prewash stain remover
  • Heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent


  • Do not machine dry the pants until you are sure all the gum is gone. Doing so can make the stain worse and more difficult to remove.
  • Dry cleaning solvent is sold at most pharmacies and home improvement stores.

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