How to Remove Gum From Nylon

by Emma Lee ; Updated September 28, 2017

Use common household items to remove chewing gum from clothing.

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Gum has a way of showing up in places where it shouldn't be found and can cause frustration when it sticks to clothing. A favorite outfit or pillow doesn't need to be tossed if gum accidentally finds its way there. With the use of a few common household items, your nylon garment can be restored to its original condition.

Items you will need

  • Paper towel
  • Ice cube
  • Sandwich bag
  • Butter knife
  • Toothbrush
Step 1

Wet your fingers under cold water to keep the gum from sticking, and then remove as much as possible. Keep a paper towel handy to dispose of the gum.

Step 2

Place an ice cube inside a sandwich bag and rub the bag over the gum until it hardens.

Step 3

Scrape the hardened gum off the fabric with a dull knife, such as a butter knife. If the gum starts to soften, freeze it again.

Step 4

Brush away any small pieces of gum with an old toothbrush. Remove gum from the toothbrush bristles as you go to prevent it from redepositing onto your fabric.

Step 5

Examine the fabric for any remaining gum and repeat the steps if necessary. Launder the item according to the recommended washing instructions.


  • An alternative method to harden the gum is to fold the item with the gum exposed and place the item into a plastic bag. Place the bag in the freezer for several hours to harden the gum.

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