How to Remove Gum From Fleece

boy with gum image by Marzanna Syncerz from

The task of removing chewing gum from clothing is a source of frustration for families with kids. Fortunately, some tried and true methods should be able to have the gum off the fleece in no-time. All methods use normal household ingredients and generally take only a few minutes to work.

Freeze it off. Place the fleece in the freezer for a few hours or until the gum hardens. Use a butter knife to carefully scrape and crack the frozen gum from the fleece. To save time, rub the affected area of fleece with an ice cube before scraping. The freezing method is also suitable for larger fabrics like curtains and carpets.

Dissolve the gum with vinegar. Heat the vinegar a little to hasten the process. Apply the vinegar and use a butter knife to scrape any stubborn pieces of gum. When the gum is removed, launder the fleece as usual to remove the vinegar smell.

Attack it with lemon juice. Use either freshly squeezed lemon or pre-packaged lemon juice to soak the affected area of fleece. Citric acid in the lemon juice will loosen and partially dissolve the gum. Use a butter knife to scrape difficult pieces away. Wash as normal to remove the lemon juice.

Loosen it with WD-40. Spray it onto the fleece and scrape with a butter knife to remove the gum. Wash the fleece as normal.