How Does a Lint Remover Work?

Types of Lint Removers

Lint removers are designed to remove pet hair, fuzz, lint and even dust from fabrics. Adhesive lint rollers are a popular method of lint removal. These usually consist of a handle with a roll of sticky tape to roll along the surface of your garment. Lint rollers are usually used on clothing, and larger sized lint rollers can be used on bedding and furniture. There are different types of lint removers, including combs that pick up fuzz and pills from clothing, and even battery operated lint removers for sweaters.

How It Works

Adhesive lint rollers work by rolling the sticky surface of the tape along fabric. As the adhesive rolls along the surface of clothing or bedding, it picks up dust, hair, crumbs and any other type of lint. When the tape is covered in lint, it can be torn off and discarded and a clean piece of tape is revealed for future use. Lint combs or brushes use a small grated surface to pull up lint and pills from fabric as you pull the comb across. Some battery operated lint removers use a covered blade to pick up fuzz, pills and other lint from clothing.

Other Uses

There are as many uses for lint rollers as there are fabrics in your home. Lint rollers can be used on pet beds, couches, pillows, car seats or even stuffed animals. Consistent use of lint removers keeps clothing and other fabrics looking new and fresh.