The Best Way to Detangle a Wig

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Whether you use one on Halloween or every day, wigs require maintenance and proper care. Two types of wigs exist. Synthetic, or fake hair wigs can't be styled with heat. They are less expensive than their human hair counterparts. Wigs made from human hair can be styled with heat tools and can even be colored. Regardless of a wig's composition, the detangling process is the same. The best way to detangle a wig is with a detangler product and comb.

Apply a leave-in conditioner every time the wig is washed. Wash the wig no more than once or twice a month.

Attach the wig clamp to your working area. Wig clamps can be attached to a table, counter or shelf for ease of styling and brushing out tangles.

Place the canvas head on the wig clamp. Attaching the canvas head to the clamp allows a sturdy base for the wig in the detangling process.

Spray a detangler on your wig. Detanglers work by coating the hair with a conditioner or oil to smooth the surface.

Remove tangles from the hair using a comb or your fingertips, depending on the texture and length of the hair. Any comb will work for short to medium-length hair. Use a wide-toothed comb for wavy or curly hair and long, straight hair. Untangle long, curly hair with your fingertips to avoid damage to the wig.

Comb the hair, starting at the ends. After you work the tangles out at the ends of your wig, move up toward the top. Keep combing the wig until it is free of tangles.