How to Style a Kanekalon Wig

Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The realistic and attractive appearance of your Kanekalon wig can be enhanced and extended with proper styling techniques. In many ways, the styling methods used on these wigs resemble methods that you might use on your natural hair. There are some distinct differences that you must be aware of, however, in order to create stylish looks with your wig.

Use products that are created for synthetic hair on your Kanekalon wig. It is important to remember that Kanekalon is a synthetic fiber and not real hair. Using products that are made for human hair can strip your wig of its appearance and the finish of the fibers. There are detanglers, shampoos, conditioners and sheen sprays made specifically for wigs that will enhance your styling efforts.

Use styling tools that are made to style synthetic wigs. Wire wig brushes and special wig combs allow you to style your wig without shedding or causing tearing of the fibers. Synthetic wigs do not require excessive manipulation for styling. The fibers contain "memory" that allows the wig to snap back into the original style with slight brushing and combing.

Create slight curls and waviness to a straight wig by spraying it with wig spray and setting the hair with sponge rollers. Kanekalon fibers do not curl in the same way that human hair does, so you will not be able to create pronounced curls. Allow the hair to dry completely before removing the rollers and then shake or gently finger-comb your wig into a desired style.

Avoid using heat appliances on kanekalon hair. Unless otherwise stated by your wig manufacturer, heat will melt synthetic wig fibers and render your wig unwearable.