How to Defrizz a Wig Without Washing It

There are three types of wigs, synthetic, processed human hair and unprocessed human hair. Processed and unprocessed human hair wigs tend to frizz and tangle during hot, humid or rainy weather. Standing too close to an oven, fireplace or gas grill causes synthetic wigs to frizz or even worse, melt. Applying styling products and regular brushing helps to defrizz wig hair without washing it.

Pin the wig to a canvas wig block or Styrofoam head using several straight pins. Insert the pins through the edges of the wig into the block or head.

Spray the wig with either a leave-in conditioner for real hair or a reclaiming spray for synthetic hair to remove frizz.

Grab a section of hair and hold it at the tip. Brush the section of hair repeatedly from the root down to the tip to prevent tangles. Continue brushing until all sections of the wig are smooth and tangle free. Allow the wig to dry. Restyle as needed.