How to Wear Your Own Hair Under a Wig

Wigs can be a great way to hide thinning hair, change a hairstyle or to cover gray hair. While easy to choose and wear, wigs must be positioned on existing hair correctly to ensure that they do not slip or look lumpy and unnatural. The best coverage of a wig is to ensure that all of your hair is evenly distributed under a wig cap or stocking. Wig caps can be purchased from most wig supply shops and beauty product retailers. Choose a wig cap while choosing a wig to get the best match.

Longer Hair

Comb hair thoroughly. Pull hair back into a low pony tail but do not affix with a band or clip, instead slightly twist the hair at the base of the neck into a ponytail shape and affix the end of the ponytail to the crown of the head with bobby pins.

Flatten the ponytail using as few bobby pins as necessary. Pull up any straggling hair along the sides and work them into the ponytail.

Fit the head with a wig cap. Work bangs or shorter pieces of hair into the wig cap so that no natural hair shows.

Bobby pins can be gently worked out if bumps are evident in the wig cap. Move hair around as necessary to get an even, smooth look.

Place wig over the wig cap and adjust to suit preference. Secure wig to wig cap with bobby pins.

Shorter Hair

Section the back of hair into two pieces, and smooth them toward the crown of the head with a comb. Smooth bumps and use bobby pins to secure into place.

Place wig cap on hair and remove any bobby pins that are uncomfortable or cause bumps. Work bangs and straggling hair into wig cap using fingers.

Apply the wig. Affix the wig to the wig cap using bobby pins.

Extremely Thin Hair or Bald Head

Shave remaining hair if possible, as thin hair can bunch up and cause lumps in the wig. If shaving isn't possible or feasible tuck hair into the wig cap and smooth lumps as necessary,

Use a wig with a cap built in, or no cap at all. Wig caps are not necessary for bald heads, and allowing the scalp to peak through the wig can make it appear more realistic.

Use commercially available wig tape or adhesive glue to affix the wig cap to the head if necessary. Tape or glue is especially necessary along the front and sides of the wig to prevent slippage.