How to Stop Static Electricity in a Synthetic Wig

For people experiencing hair loss, or for those who enjoy the convenience, versatility and fun of wearing wigs, synthetic wigs provide a natural-looking alternative to human hair wigs. Not only are synthetic wigs less expensive, they can also be lighter and cooler and retain their style longer than human hair wigs. One drawback to synthetic wigs, however, is the tendency of their synthetic fibers to develop static electricity. The resulting fly-away hairs can be annoying and threaten a style, but static electricity is simple to control.

Fill a sink with cold water and add synthetic wig conditioner according to label directions or 1 tbsp. of liquid fabric softener. After washing, submerge the wig in this rinse solution to cut down on static electricity.

Rub a fabric softener sheet lightly over the surface of a synthetic wig if static electricity becomes a problem while wearing it.

Lightly spritz cool water on a synthetic wig and smooth with your hand to remove static electricity from the wig.