How to Take Care of Yaki Hair

The growing popularity of wigs and weaves may make it difficult to decide which is the best choice of hair for you. Yaki human hair is a viable option for black women because the texture of Yaki hair imitates the texture of black hair that has been permed or straightened. Therefore, it looks more natural. If Yaki hair is properly cared for and maintained, it can be used repeatedly for long-lasting hairstyles.

Wash the hair using a shampoo made for dry or damaged hair. If you are washing a lace-front wig, wash the hair on a mannequin or wig head to ensure that the hair stays in place and you have control.

Spray anti-frizz serum on the hair while it's wet to keep it smooth.

Allow the hair to air dry. Do not use a flat iron on the hair unless absolutely necessary. If you do straighten the hair, put the iron on a low setting.

Brush or comb the hair gently. Hair can be combed wet or dry. However, don't overcomb or brush the hair too much to avoid excess shedding.