How to Straighten Short Curly Hair in Men

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Whether you're looking for a long-term solution or simply want to change your hair one day, knowing the best way to do so can save you time and money. Straightening wavy or curly hair can be slightly tricky for men, especially when their hair is short. Short hair is difficult to straighten with a hair straightener. Fortunately, there are products created just for men that you can use, as well as other treatments and techniques that will transform your hair from curly to smooth and straight.

Purchase a thin (1 inch to 1.5 inch), tourmaline or ceramic-plated hair iron. These thinner versions of hair straighteners are easier to maneuver on shorter hair.

Allow the iron to heat up for two to five minutes, and wait until your hair is completely dry before using it.

Apply a protective hair agent to keep your locks from drying out. These typically come in spray form and work to protect your hair and keep it straighter. Spray a fine mist onto your hair before straightening.

Begin straightening your hair one one-inch section at a time (from bottom hair to top). To straighten each section, place the hair iron at the base of your head, clamp down on the hair and then run the straightener over the length of your hair. Repeat one or two more times until that section is straight, then move on to the next section.

Alternatively, you can apply a straightening cream or pomade to your hair. Massage it in, working from the root to the ends of your hair. Or you could use a hair serum that works against frizz and curls.

Invest in chemical straightening as an alternative to daily straightening. You can have this done professionally in a salon, or purchase a chemical-based, at-home straightening kit.