Types of Velcro

velcro image by Fuzzphoto from Fotolia.com

Created in the 1940s by George de Mestral as a result of studying the hooked surface of a cocklebur, today Velcro is available in a wide range of types created by the Velcro USA company. Different types of Velcro products are available to meet the needs and demands of both individual consumers and businesses.


Velcro USA offers eight different types of adhesive-backed products for individual consumers. Types of adhesive Velcro products include general purpose "Sticky Back," clear, industrial strength, strong and thin "Ultra-Mate," "Extreme" for porous and rough surfaces, light-duty "Poster Hangers" with removable adhesive, plastic- and vinyl-friendly adhesives and hook-side only to attach to fabric walls.


For home crafters, Velcro USA provides a range of Velcro types. For sewers, Velcro is available in a sew-on form as well as a soft and flexible sew-on and a snag free sew-on style. "Home Decor" Velcro is available with a sew-on loop side and adhesive hook side or with a heat-activated loop side and adhesive hook side. The "Fabric Fusion" Velcro fuses to fabric with the use of a steam iron.

Other Consumer Uses

For holiday decorating, Velcro provides a garland tie, in green or red, that wraps around banisters, handrails and fences and hooks to itself, as well as packs of Velcro holiday light clips. For individuals who prefer Velcro to buttons, button conversion kits are available to convert button-up shirts and other articles of clothing to Velcro fastening clothing by ironing on the Velcro. Types of Velcro for garden use include plant and tree ties and wraps that wrap around branches and stems and then adhere to themselves. For general consumer use, Velcro types include pre-cut ovals, pre-cut hook fasteners and pre-cut adhesive dots.


Velcro USA offers a wide range of Velcro types for business usage, including adhesive-backed products, electrical system containment products, custom floor coverings, "Shear Grip" products with a non-woven loop, protective covers, self-gripping products, storage systems, elastic products and a range of other traditional hook and loop products. Velcro USA provides more specialized types of Velcro for specific business use, such as diaper landing zones and "Flex-zone" diaper straps, fire retardant products, double-faced loops for braces and orthopedics, specialized health and beauty and personal care products, knitted nylon loops, products to meet military specifications, Velcro for modular assembly procedures, "RF weldable hook and loop" products that adhere to vinyl, products for vehicle seat assembly and the "Ultra Mate HTH" products that allow the hooks to seal with a variety of loops.