Technology in Cosmetology

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Cosmetology is a discipline that covers hairstyling, skin and nail care and chemical services. While much of what a cosmetologist offers is a hands-on, individual service, as with almost all facets of life, technology plays a role.

New Hair Styles

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A computer program in a salon can aid clients when they are selecting a new hair style. The client brings in a photo of herself which is scanned into a computer. On the monitor, the cosmetologist can then show the client how she will look with an array of hairstyles and colors from which she can make her selection.

Permanent Hair Styling

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For more than a century, the “permanent wave” hair style has been popular. Over the years, a number of technological applications have been used, some seriously damaging the hair. Today, cosmetologists employ the “digital perm,” which uses chemicals without using heat styling. Such things as built-in conditioners aid stylists to give their clients hair with smooth waves or flattering curls.

Fingernail Technology

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Cosmetologists responsible for finger and toenail care have specialized technology to assist them. While it is still a finger-by-finger or toe-by-toe procedure, cosmetologists work in a far- more sterilized area than previously and are trained to identify nail diseases and infections. They have technically-advanced acrylic wraps and more specialized tools, too.

Skin Care Technology

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Skin care cosmetologists use a variety of technologies to perform such techniques as steam extraction, chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion. They also perform hair removal with warm wax.