Types of Hair Treatment

Hair treatments exist to target specific style needs and hair conditions. These hair treatments range from chemical styling treatments to treatments that address hair growth concerns. Learn about five common hair treatments used in salons and at home.

Chemical Relaxers and Straighteners

Chemical relaxers and straighteners can be either permanent or semi-permanent. Lye relaxers, no-lye relaxers and thermal reconditioning are permanent treatments, while Brazilian keratin hair-straightening is a semi-permanent treatment that uses formaldehyde.

Permanent Waves

Permanent waves are a chemical treatment that permanently curls the hair. This treatment traditionally should not be used on hair that has been previously chemically relaxed, and vice versa.

DeepConditioning Treatments

These treatments are used to help bring moisture back to the hair to prevent hair breakage. Different types of deep-conditioning treatments exist, such as cholesterol deep conditioning, hot oil and protein deep-conditioning treatments.

Anti-Dandruff Treatments

While this treatment targets the scalp, it is necessary for hair health as dandruff can inhibit hair growth. Anti-dandruff shampoos are the primary treatment, and they are massaged into the scalp at least twice a week and rinsed out to remove dandruff flakes.

Hair-Loss Treatments

Hair-loss treatments are dependent on the gender of the sufferer and the underlying cause. Propecia and Minoxidil are popular hair-loss treatments that work for both men and women.