Faster Hair Growth & Cayenne Pepper

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Cayenne pepper may have some effect on hair growth. While there is not a great deal of research that indicates the true nature of the effectiveness of this method, there may be some validity in its use as part of a daily hair care remedy. Always consult your physician before using any alternative treatments for fast hair growth.


The use of cayenne pepper as a way to increase hair growth was first discovered by Samuel Thompson in the early 1800s. According to an article for Dungz, the popularity of this herb being used to treat hair loss has grown over the years. There is a thought by those who follow Thompson's writings that this remedy is the second best option in a long list of hair-loss treatments. There is little scientific evidence to prove the claims made about cayenne pepper treatments. Before you use this or any other methods for hair growth consult a licensed physician.


According to the Cayenne Pepper Diet, the best way to use this treatment is to create a paste by mixing cayenne pepper and olive oil and massage it deep into the scalp. The olive oil will help to coat the hairs with the cayenne pepper. Allow the mixture sit on your head for 30 minutes and rise completely.


The benefits of using cayenne pepper to increase hair growth are numbered. Capsaicin, a chemical in cayenne pepper, stimulates the hair follicles and helps the hair to grow. Another chemical, quercetin, increases blood flow to the scalp which is beneficial to hair growth. Cayenne pepper, when used as part hair-care regimen, can be help your hair faster but it is not a cure for hair loss.


There are warnings to heed when considering using a cayenne pepper mixture to help increase hair growth. Do not use this treatment if you are allergic to cayenne pepper. It could cause irritation and sores on the scalp. Rinse the mixture out of your hair thoroughly to reduce the risk of this irritation. Also, if you find that you become irritated by this product, reduce or stop usage and contact your doctor.

Final Thoughts

While Cayenne pepper contains various chemicals and ingredients that may help your hair to grow quickly, there is little research to support this theory. Do not use this treatment without first consulting a dermatologist or physician.