The Disadvantages of Hair Salon Treatment

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Hair is often considered the crowning glory of both men and women, and most take great pains to keep theirs in the best possible condition. The hair salon is a place where you have access to a variety of services including coloring, conditioning, perming and highlighting. Having a salon treatment is considered a luxury by many. However, there are some disadvantages to receiving treatments in the hair salon.


Treatments in a hair salon may cost substantially more than doing the same thing at home. For instance, coloring your hair a basic tint may set you back hundreds of dollars in the salon when you might simply purchase an over-the-counter product and apply it at home. In addition, deep conditioners that cost $25 or more in the hair salon might be available in beauty supply stores at a fraction of the cost. If you have a basic color or conditioning need, consider purchasing an over-the-counter product for at-home use to save on salon costs.

Time Spent Waiting

Stylist overbooking and other circumstances may lead to substantial wait time in a hair salon. Because salon staff can only estimate the time it takes to perform each service, they cannot always ensure you will not have periods of downtime. Many stylists juggle clients in order to make more money. Take advantage of wait time by bringing work, reading or other materials into the salon.

Excessive Damage

Some salon treatments may cause more harm than good. For example, excessive protein treatments may lead to hair breakage. In addition, a stylist who is not sufficiently skilled may apply a product that leads to excessive hair damage, such as a harsh bleach or perming agent. Try to avoid choosing a stylist randomly. Ask friends or family whom they use for their hair needs.

Continuous Upkeep

Coloring, perming and highlighting hair may require upkeep to maintain the look that you initially achieve. Coloring the roots of the hair is typically a monthly procedure, and a perm on re-growth is usually recommended every three months. Highlighting may require monthly upkeep as well. This can lead to substantial cost and damage over time. Keep color close to your natural range and highlighting subtle to allow for more time between procedures. Try to limit perms to the root area to avoid excessive damage.

Unsanitary Conditions

Because salons have a continuous flow of people, they may have sanitation issues if they are not using proper cleaning procedures. Hair and human tissue may accumulate on stylists' tools and ultimately get your hair if salon instruments are not properly cleansed. Ensure that your salon is regularly inspected by looking for a prominently displayed inspection sticker or by calling the salon regulatory agency in your state.