How to Get Emergency Cash Assistance

by Contributor

Cash assistance is the financial support that keeps a family afloat while they are struggling. Cash assistance can help needy families pay for rent, food, and even clothes for job interviews. Follow these steps to learn what it takes to get emergency cash assistance.

Locate a state, federal, government, or community agency who participates in emergency cash assistance distribution.

Provide proof on the emergency cash assistance application of household size and dates of birth.

Provide all income (typically for the last 6 months) for each person living in the house. Any savings and assets will likely also be requested to be documented during an application for cash assistance.

Comply with cash assistance eligibility requirements regarding citizenship status, and provide proof of such. If you are not a citizen, provide proof of your residency or work visa.

Follow all of the emergency cash assistance program rules. Most cash assistance or aid for needy family programs have stipulations requiring certain actions of participants. This could be anything from job search to weekly meetings with a financial counselor. Follow all emergency cash assistance programs in order to continue receiving funds.