How to Protect the Backs of Shoes While Driving

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Understanding how to protect the backs of your shoes while driving can help you prevent scuffs and wear to your expensive footwear. Products are available to protect your shoes from damage as you drive or you can invest in a cheap pair of shoes that you keep in the car. With a little preparation, you can keep your shoes in good condition when driving.

Keep a cheap pair of sneakers in your vehicle. Use them only for driving and put your expensive shoes aside until you reach your destination.

Purchase heel protectors for the back of your shoes. Slip these items on the heels of your shoes and prevent unsightly scuff marks. Made of vinyl or leather, manufacturers sell these shields for approximately $15 to $20, as of 2011.

Purchase a car floor mat with scuff-resistant qualities. Look for an item that manufacturers have tested for leather or suede footwear, depending on the shoes you want to protect.