Shampoos for Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy

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Hair loss is one of the common side effects of chemotherapy treatments. says that chemotherapy causes hair loss because the chemotherapy targets any and all rapidly dividing cells, including hair cells. You may notice hair loss within just a few weeks of beginning chemotherapy treatments. Hair loss may occur gradually or all at once, depending on your level of treatment. There are a couple specialized shampoo and hair-care options available that may help curb hair loss.

ThymuSkin Hair-Care Products

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The ThymuSkin hair-care line is one option available to people suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy. ThymuSkin products are designed to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth, according to the company's website. Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage into your scalp for about a minute, then rinse. Next, condition your hair (the manufacturer suggests using the company's conditioner), rinse and towel dry. Then apply drops of the ThymuSkin treatment lotion and massage it into the scalp. ThymuSkin products have a main ingredient of a synthetic form of thymus gland extract. Expect to spend quite a bit on this product.

Nioxin Hair-Care Products

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Nioxin shampoo is sold at salons and beauty supplies nationwide. Nioxin has an entire "system" of products designed for people suffering from hair loss, including chemotherapy patients. Many of the Nioxin products are sold in kits, which include their Cleanser (shampoo), Scalp Therapy (conditioner) and Scalp Treatment to regrow hair. According to the manufacturer, the shampoo promotes a healthy scalp, while the other two products help to nourish and protect. The shampoo includes such ingredients as keratin and many vitamins and minerals.