How to Compare Rogaine Vs. ScalpMed

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Rogaine and ScalpMed are two products intended to help individuals regrow hair. Although both products contain the active ingredient minoxidil, there are also many differences to consider when deciding which product to purchase. If you have difficulty deciding what option is best in your situation, ask your doctor for advice.

Compare the ingredients. While both products contain the same active ingredient, it is important to consider the inactive ingredients as well. For example, Rogaine products contain alcohol, which may dry the scalp more than ScalpMed products.

Ask other people what they think of the products. Ask family members and friends if they have ever used either product, or read customer reviews online.

Read the directions for preparing the products. ScalpMed products require you to mix the contents of the bottles together, while Rogaine offers ready-to-use products.

Read the application instructions. While both ScalpMed and Rogaine require you to apply the product twice a day, the way in which you apply each product can be slightly different. ScalpMed and Rogaine Topical Solution come in a liquid form, which requires a plastic applicator to squirt the solution directly onto your scalp. Rogaine is also available as Rogaine Foam, which allows you to apply the foam to your scalp with your hands. Determine which application process appeals to you most.

Research ordering options. You can generally only purchase ScalpMed products directly from the company, or occasionally through online websites like eBay. Rogaine products, on the other hand, are widely available in drugstores and supermarkets as well as online.

Check the cost. Since ScalpMed consists of several different products, it is generally more expensive than Rogaine.