Surgi-Wax Directions

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Waxing with a kit, such as Surgi-wax, is an effective way to remove body hair, that leaves the skin smooth, silky and hair-free for longer than shaving. Surgi-wax can be used successfully on the legs, bikini area, eyebrows, upper lip and chin. It’s easy to use and clean up, which makes it more convenient than others waxes.

Open the jar of Surgi-wax and put it on a paper plate in a microwave.

Heat it for 30 seconds.

Make sure the skin you’re about to wax with Surgi-wax is clean and dry.

Use the applicator to smooth the Surgi-wax onto the skin in a rectangular strip. Do not allow the wax strip to exceed the width or length of the paper strips provided.

Press a Surgi-wax strip paper onto the wax firmly and evenly.

Grasp the strip firmly at the bottom and pull up quickly without pausing, making sure to pull against the hair growth.

Continue doing this until all hair is removed. Moisturize the waxed area with a lotion after waxing.