About Depilatory Wax

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Depilatory wax is becoming increasingly popular as a reliable method to remove body hair, because it isn't harsh on the skin. You can use this sticky and odor-free substance to eliminate hair from the legs and arms; but you can also apply it to other hairy areas of the body.

Heat the Wax

Depilatory wax is always used hot and melted. So it's necessary to heat your depilatory wax in a microwave for about two to three minutes before use. Then, wax should be put on the skin using a cloth or paper strip. After the wax becomes cold, the cloth or paper strip should be pulled off the skin very quickly, therefore pulling off the unwanted hair.

Stay Fuzz-Free Longer

The main benefit to using depilatory wax is that it lasts much longer than shaving or using a hair removal lotion such as Nair or Neet. Depilatory wax can keep your body smooth, silky and utterly hair free for up to six weeks. The only downside to waxing, however, is that you have to grow out the body hair you intend to remove until it's at least a quarter of an inch in length - the wax needs something to 'grab onto' in order to come off properly.

Mix It Up

If you have the time, you might want to consider making your own homemade depilatory wax, as it is a rather simple process. You will need a cup of sugar, molasses (or dark corn syrup), half of a lemon, a microwave safe bowl, a spoon and a glass jar. Just mix the cup of sugar in the bowl along with the molasses or dark corn syrup for about two to three minutes, and then squeeze the lemon juice in and stir with the spoon. Then microwave this blend again so that everything mixes well. Now you have your own homemade depilatory wax, and now you can get started applying it.

Where to Buy

Of course, if you don't have the time or simply do not want to mix your own wax, there are many good places to get them. You should check beauty supply stores in your area such Sally's Beauty Supply. There are many reliable brands that manufacture excellent depilatory waxes, such as GiGi, Amber Products, Ofra, Kera Ban, Millenia and Club1.

Waxing Warnings

There are several situations in which depilatory wax might not be the best hair removal method for you. It is not advised for use by diabetics, those with bad circulation problems or varicose veins. Also, if you have skin conditions, such as acne or rashes, it's probably a good idea to avoid depilatory wax.