How to Remove Eyebrow Wax Residue from Skin

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Waxing is an easy and popular way to remove hair from the body, but it can be messy. The wax often gets stuck to the skin, and when you have finished waxing, a residue of wax can remain. This residue is sticky and annoying, but it's easy to remove.

Use a wax strip to remove wax residue on the skin. If the wax is still wet and is not in an area with any hair, just lay a wax strip over the residue, rub it and pull it off. The wax will come right off and it should not hurt.

Dip the corner of a wash cloth in a little baby oil. Rub the wash cloth on the area of skin where the wax residue is. It may take a little work to get off, but it will come off eventually. When the wax has come off of the skin, rinse the skin with water. Baby oil can irritate skin, clog pores and cause pimples.

Use a cotton ball dipped in toner or astringent to wipe the area of skin that you have used baby oil on. This will get rid of any excess oil that may cause pimples. If the wax still does not come off, use hot water to soften it.

Dip your wash cloth in hot or warm water. Lay it on the wax residue, and leave it there for at least ten minutes. It will soften the wax, and make it easier to remove.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 after you have softened the wax with warm water.