How to Remove Nail Glue From Skin

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Nail glue is used to apply acrylic nails to natural fingernails. It is similar to super glue in that it has a firm hold and bonds to almost anything. Because the glue is so thin, it is inevitable that it will run onto your skin when using it to apply nails. It is essential to know how to remove the nail glue quickly and carefully so that you do not damage your skin.

Soak one end of the cotton swab in an acetone nail polish remover.

Gently roll the soaked cotton swab back and forth over the affected area to saturate the glue as much as possible. Do not rub it. The acetone in the nail polish remover will break down the nail glue.

Wash your skin with soap and hot water to remove left-over glue pieces and nail polish remover. Both of these are flammable and you do not want them left on your skin.

Repeat the process if glue still remains on your skin after washing.