How to Remove Fingernail Glue

Nail glue is used to bond acrylic nails and strengthen natural fingernails. It can be a very strong adhesive that lasts for weeks, leaving behind residue even after artificial nails have been removed. Cleaning the glue from your fingernails can be a simple process as long as the appropriate procedure is employed.

Use a soft nail file to gently file away the nail glue. This will reduce the larger portions of the glue that have dried on your nail bed.

Soak each hand in warm, soapy water for three to five minutes. It will soften the glue and facilitate removal.

Rub and peel off any loose pieces of glue that have already lifted from your fingernails. Remove as much of it as you can before applying any chemical solutions.

Apply acetone to a cotton ball or pad. Dab it over the each fingernail and wipe away the glue once the acetone has begun to remove it.