Can Sweet Almond Oil Be Used to Soften Cuticles?

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You moisturize your skin and condition your hair, but you may not realize that fingernails and cuticles need hydration, too. Your cuticles will turn rough and ragged if they're dry, but applying cuticle softener usually sorts this out. If you're wary of using a chemical cuticle softener, try all-natural sweet almond oil instead. Sweet almond oil is full of healthy fatty acids, antioxidants and proteins -- just a few drops will smooth out your cuticles and lend nails a glossy shine. You can buy sweet almond oil at a health-food shop, drugstore or grocery store near you.

Step 1

Rub a drop or two of sweet almond oil into each fingernail and cuticle. Massage some oil into the skin around your nails, if desired.

Step 2

Fill a dish with warm water. Soak your fingertips and nails in the water for three minutes. Shake off any excess water.

Step 3

Wrap a cotton ball around the end of an orange manicure stick. Press back on each cuticle with the cotton ball.

Step 4

Wash your hands with warm, soapy water. After washing, drape a towel over one hand. Using the thumb on your other hand, press back on each cuticle through the towel. Repeat with the other hand.

Step 5

Wash your hands a second time. While they're still wet, use a nailbrush or toothbrush to remove dirt or debris from underneath your nails.