How to Remove Pink & White Nails

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Artificial nails are generally made from acrylic material and are the most requested type at nail salons due to their aesthetic appeal and durability. These nails are so durable that they are hard to remove. If you are unable to make a trip back to the salon to have your nails professionally removed, you can safely dispose of them at home. If the nails you are wearing are colored pink and white, two particular colors that are light and its easy to remove, nail remover and other simple tools will dissolve the color in no time.

Dampen a cotton ball with non-acetone nail polish remover. Dab at the pink and white nail polish with the cotton balls. Rub carefully, removing the two colors without pressing too hard on the nails and cuticles.

Add two to three drops of sesame oil into a nail bowl full of warm water. Sesame oil or olive oil will moisturize dry fingers and make the removal process smoother. Soak fingers inside the bowl for five minutes.

Dump the oil water out and rinse the bowl. Fill the bowl halfway with hot water. Pour one tablespoon of acetone nail polish remover into the bowl. Apply petroleum jelly to nails and cuticles. Soak the nails in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes and dry off with a soft cloth.

Remove pink and white nail polish with a dry cloth once the water becomes of a gummy consistency. Gently remove the acrylic nails with cotton balls, rubbing away all traces that the acetone remover has dissolved.

Acetone can dehydrate the fingers and nails, so apply more petroleum jelly on them to regain the moisture.