How to Take Off a Claire's Glue-On Nail Kit

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Glue-on nail kits can be a fast way to gorgeous nails. Pre-painted and designed acrylic nails glue over your natural ones, to give an instant set of full and decorated nails. Removing them when they are worn out, or if they begin to fall off, is not a difficult process -- but it can be a bit time consuming. In order to not damage your natural nail, you need to take your time and do the job carefully, with the right set of tools.

File your nails, to shorten the section of nail you will be removing. This should help make the job easier. Some of the glue-on nails may come loose during this process. If they lift, gently pull to see if the nail pops off without pulling the nail surface. If it pulls, leave it alone for now.

Fill one of the glass bowls with warm water and liquid antibacterial soap. Dip your fingers into the solution and let them soak for about 5 minutes. Dry your hands and then check each nail, to see if any have loosened to the point you can remove them without damage to your own nail. Some may come off easily.

Push your cuticles back carefully with the orange stick, to disengage them from the nail, if the glue is in the way and to open an area of the nail bed. This will keep you from injuring the cuticle while you work. Using the orange stick, push away any glue that is left where a nail already came off. Scrape off any material that comes away easily.

Pour acetone nail polish into the other bowl, about an inch deep. Coat the skin around your nails with petroleum jelly to protect it from the acetone. Keep the petroleum jelly away from the nail. Set the timer for 10 minutes, and place your fingers in the bowl down into the acetone, so the entire nail is covered.

Remove your fingers when the timer goes off, and dry them on a paper towel. Use the orange stick to push any loose nails up, and to scrape off glue that is stuck. Clean away as much material as possible. The acetone may melt the nails and assist in making removing them and the glue easier.

Repeat the acetone bath, if any fingernails remain glued on -- or if heavy glue persists. When the natural surface of the nail is fairly clean -- and either none, or only a light layer of glue persists -- wash your hands with clear water and dry.

File any remaining glue ridges with the 180-grit file, working gently so you don't damage your nail bed. Repeat with the 100-grit to smooth it. Finally, use the buffer to smooth and polish the surface of your nails.