How to Round Your Nails

by Kimbry Parker

You can file your nails into many shapes, but one of the more conservative and classic shapes is round. Rounded fingernails create a soft look that closely resembles the natural shape of nail growth. Don’t grab your file and go to town trying to shape your nails. Round them properly and with care to avoid making the nails too short or damaging them in the process.

Choose the right nail file. Use a fine-grit cushion nail file if you’re shaping your natural nails, or a coarse-grit file for artificial nails.

File the side walls of the nails first. Start at the cuticle and move the file up in one direction to file the sides of the nails straight out. Avoid filing back and forth, which can damage the nails. File the sides of the nails just until they are smooth.

File the tips of the nails by moving the file in one direction over the tips. Move the file in a curved manner to achieve the rounded look. File in this manner until the entire nail is rounded and the desired length.

Rub a fine-grit nail buffer over your nails after rounding them if you are working with your natural fingernails. Move the buffer in an “X” pattern over your nails and lift the buffer after each stroke. Buffing will smooth the surface and add shine to the nails.

Items you will need

  • Nail file
  • Fine-grit nail buffer

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