How Long Can I Wear My Acrylic Nail Tips?

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Strength and Durability

Acrylic nails are the most durable and long-lasting kind of artificial nail. They hold polish longer than natural nails and can add significant length. Despite these advantages, acrylic nails are not meant to last forever. They can be filled every two to three weeks for up to three months. Complications can result if artificial nails are left in place for too long.

Health Precautions

The Mayo Clinic claims that wearing artificial nails for a long period of time can cause serious infection. This can occur from lifting, where a fungus forms inside a gap between the real and artificial nail. Infections can also result from the use of unsanitary tools.

Bottom Line

Removing artificial nails after three months is the safest bet. However, the most important factor in the process is to choose a clean, reputable and licensed salon.