How Does Nail Polish Protect Fingernails?

Megan Curley

Why Use Nail Polish?

Nail polish comes in more colors than the rainbow and its popularity and usage transcends time, fashion and even gender. Many get their nails polished weekly at a salon or give self-manicures at home as part of their grooming basics. Nails are continually growing and need to be taken care of to grow healthy and strong. Nail polish can add color to your style, protect nails from damage and allow them to grow.

Nail Polish Protection

Nail polish is made from flammable compounds and solvents that produce a lacquer and an adhesive product for use on nails. Pigments are added to the formula to create vibrant colors. Using nail polishes with added Vitamins like A,C and E, aloe or even soy protein can help strengthen and nourish nails. Nail polish protects nails from becoming dry, flaky or broken by creating a barrier or shield over the top of the nail. Nail hardeners are polishes that give the nail a smooth and very hard coating which protects the nail from splitting, allowing the nail to grow.

Added Protection

Nail polish should always be applied to clean, healthy nails. If using a colored nail polish, a clear base coat should be applied to protect nails from absorbing the pigment and staining the nail. Many base coats are made with protective and nourishing vitamins to create a beneficial barrier between the nail and the pigmented nail polish. Top coats of clear polish seals the other coats onto the nail and protects the nail from cuticle to tip.