Nail Experts Strong Results Directions

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Revitalize soft, weak nails using the Nail Experts Strong Results nail complex. The complex is designed to help brittle, thin and peeling nails become stronger. Besides applying the complex to the hand, you should also understand why your nails are breaking or peeling. According to MSN Health reporter Sally Wadyka, the nails will peel if your hands are constantly submerged in water or exposed to cold, dry air. Brittle nails may have a more extensive reason for constantly breaking, explains Wadyka, such as an underactive thyroid or a diet low in iron.

Remove all nail polish from the nail using nail polish remover and cotton balls. There should be no polish on the nail or near the cuticle line. Once the nail has been rubbed down, allow it to dry completely before applying Strong Results.

Apply one coat of Nail Experts Strong Results to each nail in the morning. There is no need to apply two coats in one sitting. There will be two coats of polish applied to the nail every day - once in the morning and once at night.

Apply the night coat prior to going to bed. There should be at least eight hours between each application. This allows the nail to absorb the ingredients that will help make your nails stronger in only five days.

Stop applying the Strong Results after five days. Allow the nails to breathe, without nail polish.