Do Nails Grow Faster With or Without Polish?

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Nail polish can be either beneficial or harmful to your nails, depending on your nail care routine. It makes nails stronger and less prone to breakage, but if your nails are extremely weak, using nail polish can further weaken them, especially if you don't remove it properly. Whether your nails will grow faster with or without polish depends on the health of your nails and on your nail care routine.


Nail polish hardens nails and therefore gives them strength. As a result, nails are less prone to breakage and have less chance of being brittle. Nail polish creates an even, smooth surface on the nail, covering bumps or chips. If brittle nails are a problem, you may find that with nail polish your nails grow faster, longer and stronger.


The main purpose of nail polish is cosmetic because it makes nails appear nicer. However, many nail polishes include beneficial ingredients such as vitamins E or C and the promise to strengthen and grow nails. Additionally, you can use a nail treatment, either as the base or as a top coat. These special nail polishes have added ingredients that treat nails so that they grow longer.


You may harm your nails if you remove nail polish the wrong way. Do not scratch off your nail polish, since this will damage and weaken the nail. Instead, use nail polish remover which completely removes the polish without harming the nail. Remember to keep nails moisturized, especially after removing nail polish, by applying a little bit of olive oil or hand cream. Dry nails can break more easily. It is best to apply a fresh layer of nail polish onto oily or hydrated nails rather than dry nails.


Depending on the nail polish, nails can grow stronger and longer. A nail polish or nail treatment helps to protect nails from peeling and tearing and helps them to grow faster and longer. If you find that nail polish does not affect the growth of your nails at all, use a nail polish or treatment with ingredients such as vitamin E or calcium to condition your nails and help them to grow. Many base coats also contain vitamins that strengthen nails and protect them from breakage.