How to Keep Your Pink & White Nails Super Clean

Whether you've just had your nails done for a special occasion or painted them yourself just because, keeping them clean can be a difficult task. After all, our hands are used for everything and are prone to dirt, chipping and even breaking. These few tips you can apply will help your nails stay cleaner for longer. This will, in turn, preserve the pink and white, French-manicured look for much longer.

Pour warm water into a medium-sized bowl.

Place your fingers in the bowl and allow your nails to soak for five to 10 minutes. The same can be done with your toenails.

Remove your hands and gently dry them with a soft, clean towel.

Apply a dime-sized amount of moisturizing lotion to your hands and massage it into the skin.

Use a cuticle pusher/cleaner, a wooden orange stick or the flat metal part on a pair of nail clippers to scrape dirt from under your nails.

Apply a thin coat of clear nail polish enamel over your nails. This will keep the French manicure from chipping away.

Repeat this process at least once every day to keep your pink and white nails extra clean.