What Color Nail Polish Looks Good With a Black & White Dress?

by Sophie Southern

A black and white dress, whether it’s printed or color-blocked, is a usually a show-stopper on its own and doesn’t need a whole lot of accessorizing. But that doesn't mean you should leave your fingernails bare and neglected. Black and white have a tendency to pop -- but honestly, can a girl have too much pop?

Go for Color

In reality, a girl can never have too much pop, and nail color is the perfect opportunity to add some color to your outfit without going overboard. Colored accessories can cheapen a black-and-white look, whereas a great manicure always looks chic. The most obvious choice is a classic red, which looks feminine, chic, sexy and sets off the black-and-white combination perfectly. If you’re a little more adventurous, opt for any bright shade. Hot pink, blood-orange, chartreuse green or sky blue are all stand-out colors that add a feminine touch to a graphic look. Stay away from pale colors and neutrals such as beige or taupe, as they tend to blend into your hands and get lost in your dress.

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