How to Style a Silver Dress

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Silver is a classy, elegant hue that is often part of a dress that is chosen to be worn to a special event or for a night on the town. Charged with energy, silver boasts so much style on its own that just a touch of this color is bound to spark up any outfit -- an entire garment made of the stuff can boggle the mind. So how do you style a silver dress? No sweat! Pick and choose with care and you'll find that there are many fabulous accents that can add an extra sparkle to your silver dress.

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Style your silver dress with little zaps of color. Silver is particularly well complimented by cool-colored tones. Blue tones work superbly, so sapphire and turquoise jewelry make excellent choices. If you are going for a stark contrast, try wearing onyx earrings which will stand out well in your silver ensemble while adding a touch of class. Other colors that will bring out the best in your silver dress are emerald green and purple -- so wear your hair high and slip on a pair of dazzling earrings in those hues.


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Mixing gold and silver is no longer the taboo it once was. Gold is the yin to silver's yang and gold pieces make perfect style partners for your silver dress. Place the spotlight on your dress using jewelry pieces that intertwine and combine touches of both gold and silver. Finish off your look with a classic jewelry piece like a nice pair of gold bangles .


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When styling a silver dress, simplicity is key. As silver stands so well on its own, the last thing you need are big, gaudy accessories that clamor to outshine the dress. Diamonds compliment silver excellently as they add even more sparkle and shine to your dress -- but make them small and simple, you don't want to end up looking like an enormous shiny rock. If you don't have diamonds, rhinestones work just fine. When choosing shoes, opt for simple dark colors like black or dark blue -- alternatively, you could try silver shoes with crystal accents and just go all out!

What to Avoid

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Keep warm tones like reds, oranges and yellows far away from your dress as these colors don't compliment silver well at all. And don't forget this rule when your planning your makeup pallet! Stick with cool colors, particularly those with blue undertones. You can enjoy the use of color when styling your dress, but don't allow your choices to dominate the dress. Let your silver dress do what it was meant to do -- shine. Your choice of accessories should only enhance your dress, not cast a pall over its party.