How to Take Off No-Chip Nails

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Women with thin or weak fingernails often choose no-chip nails as a fashion alternative to growing out their own nails. Eventually, the original nail will grow out and there will be a gap between the no-chip nail and the cuticle. It is now time to remove the no-chip nail. If you cannot afford to have a manicurist do this, it is possible to do at home with the right supplies and preparation.

Buff the no-chip nail coating with the dull side of a nail file or buff. Continue to buff until shiny clear coat is removed and nail is dull.

Cut tin foil into strips about one to two inches wide and about three to four inches long. Lay out cotton balls and cotton pads for each finger. Cover your work surface with an old towel or paper to protect it from the acetone.

Dip the cotton ball in acetone and lay it over your fingernail. Wrap a piece of foil around it. Do this with every finger on one hand. At this point, you can continue with the other hand, or just do one hand at a time. Keep the foil on the finger for about 15 minutes.

Unwrap the tin foil from each finger and remove the cotton ball or pad. Scrape very gently with a cuticle scraper or orange stick, slowly working the edge of the no-chip nail, until the polish starts to lift. You want to do this slowly, trying not to damage your natural nail underneath. If the polish doesn't come up, wet another cotton ball with acetone and hold it against the polish until it softens. Continue to do this until all the polish is removed.

Buff the rough spots on the nail using a nail buffer or file. This will remove any leftover base coat from the no-chip manicure. When done, wash your hands thoroughly in soap and water to remove any acetone residue.

Apply olive oil, and cuticle cream to the entire nail and the cuticles. Baby oil or body butter also works. It's important to give the nails as much moisture as possible after using acetone. If possible, wear a pair of soft cotton gloves for a time afterward. This will really let the oil soak in and replenish the nails.