How to Treat a Burn From Nair

by Margaret Dilloway ; Updated September 28, 2017

Nair uses chemicals to destroy the proteins in hair, essentially dissolving hair right off the body. However, some people find out too late that they are too sensitive to these chemicals. They develop Nair burns that are painful, red, and even swollen. Unfortunately, no quick fix is available. Treating Nair burns requires common first-aid ointment and the patience to let your skin heal.

Make sure the burn area is clean of Nair, makeup, lotion or any other beauty product. Use plain water and a mild soap if the area needs to be cleaned.

Apply Neosporin generously, directly from the tube to the burn area. Rub the ointment in gently. Neosporin helps prevent infection and will make the burn feel better.

Leave the Neosporin on the burn, and let it soak in (it might feel thick). Do not cover. Reapply as needed until the skin is healed.


  • If you don't have Neosporin, you can use a generic version or even petroleum jelly, according to Dr. Jeffrey S. Guy of the Vanderbilt University Burn Center.

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