How to Stop Bleeding From a Shaving Nick Inside Your Nose

by Mimi Bullock ; Updated June 13, 2017

Take your time while shaving to avoid accidental cuts.

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Men can grow thick facial hair in inconvenient places such as inside the nose, and shaving this sensitive area can lead to bleeding from an accidental nick. After you detect the tell-tale sting, you should quickly staunch the bleed. Aside from the traditional tissue paper repair, you can use a few specialty and household products to treat nicks, even in the sensitive nose area.

Place an ice cube in a clean, dry washcloth. Apply pressure as you ice the nick for a minute.

Wet the tip of a styptic pencil in warm water. Press the tip over the wounded area. Expect a slight stinging. After the bleeding stops, gently dab away the white residue left behind by the pencil.

Roll on a styptic gel over the wound. Allow the gel to dry. Styptic gel does not leave any residue.

Squirt a dab of unscented lip balm or petroleum jelly on your finger. Touch the cut with the balm or jelly. This greasy film will stop the bleeding quickly.

Dip a cotton swab in an antiseptic such as mouthwash or aftershave. Brace yourself for a burning sensation while you rub the swab over the open wound. Antiseptics clean the wound and stop the bleeding.


  • Prevent future nasal cuts by using an electric razor with a small tip attachment.

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