How to Treat Burns From Cream Hair Removers

by Jeremy Cato ; Updated September 28, 2017

Many people use hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, to show off their lovely skin and maintain a neat appearance. These ointments contain caustic chemicals that literally dissolve hair at the root and separate it from the skin. Occasionally, a person using these creams may experience a rash or chemical burn on the area of application. Usually, these burns are not serious, but you should attend to them immediately by following certain steps.

Treating the Burn

Wet an area of the washcloth with cool water, and squeeze lightly.

Wipe the burned area lightly with the washcloth to remove any remaining residue from the cream.

Dry the skin with a dry area of the washcloth.

Rub the area completely with the antibacterial, pain-relieving ointment.

Wrap the burn with sterile gauze.

Continue to monitor the burned area every five hours to check for discoloration or further discomfort and to change the gauze.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv