How to Treat a Perm Burn

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Perms and relaxers use harsh chemicals such as lye, which work to intentionally damage your hair for a desired effect. An unfortunate side effect of the chemicals is a burning sensation when perm cream is applied directly to the skin and scalp. If you've ever been burned by a perm, you know the pain is excruciating and the trauma to your scalp may include redness, skin discoloration and scabbing. Fortunately, treating your burns is a simple process.

Place your head and the burn area under cold running water and remove any excess perm cream. Firmly pat and wipe your hairline and scalp to ensure all of the cream is removed.

Gently part your hair with a comb to gain access to the burn sore. Take care not to further aggravate the burn. Use a mirror if it aids in your precision.

Coat the tip of your finger with aloe and apply it directly to the burn site. Gently smooth the aloe on the burn. This will provide cooling relief for the burn, prevents discoloration and supports healing.

Apply vitamin E oil to the burn and gently rub it in. Continue applying vitamin E to the burn twice a day -- once in the morning and once in the evening -- until the burns heal naturally.

Repeat steps two through four anywhere on your scalp that shows signs of perm burn.