How to Treat Razor Burn with Tea Tree Oil

Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

There's nothing like a mean case of razor burn. It happens when your skin is extra sensitive or perhaps when your razor is a bit too sharp. Tea tree oil is an all-natural herbal oil with a medicinal healing property. It is often used to soothe and encourage skin irritations. With a few simple steps you can treat razor burn naturally with tea tree oil and feel the relief in no time.

Soak a cotton ball with tea tree oil.

Wipe the soaked cotton ball across the area with razor burn. It has an antiseptic quality, so it may burn slightly when you apply it.

Apply a second coat of oil after the first application has been absorbed into the irritated area.

Dilute the tea tree oil with aloe vera cream or gel if you have sensitive skin. One part tea tree oil to two parts aloe vera cream or gel works well.