How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Under My Armpits

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Uncomfortable and unsightly razor bumps are a common problem if you use a razor to shave your armpits. This condition arises from shaving incorrectly. Razor bumps or razor burn is a skin irritation that happens when a few quick swipes of the razor go a little too deep and accidentally remove the top layer of skin. To alleviate the symptoms and stop it from happening again, learn to be gentle with the skin of your underarms while shaving.

Apply hydrocortisone. Use a topical cream containing 1 percent hydrocortisone to reduce redness and irritation in the underarm area. Only use it for a few days at a time, or you risk making your skin become accustomed to the treatment, which means redness and soreness once you stop appying.

Apply benzoyl peroxide. Use a topical cream containing either 2.5 or 5 percent benzoyl peroxide to reduce the appearance of razor bumps and help prevent them from recurring.

Apply an anti-inflammatory spray to the underarms to help reduce the symptoms of razor burn such as itchiness, redness, and soreness. Apply up to two times a day.

Apply a moisturizing lotion after shaving to help prevent razor bumps. This will help reduce the occurrence of dry, itchy skin after you shave.

Shave only after a shower or bath, when the skin is soft and hydrated. Shaving over dry skin, especially an irregular surface like underneath the armpits, is more likely to cause irritation and razor bumps. When shaving use a fresh, clean blade, not a dull one.

Shave hair downward, in the direction it grows. Shaving against the direction of growth causes irritation to the hair follicles, which can produce itchy razor bumps.