How to Make a Weave Stop Itching

Your scalp can start itching as soon as you have your weave put in. The excess hair overwhelms your scalp. There is a lack of air circulation, which causes heat to get trapped. Dried perspiration, accumulating dead skin cells, product buildup and a lack of proper scalp hygiene can all contribute to the itching sensation. However, there is no need to go around frantically patting your head in an effort to get rid of the persistent itch. Proper care of your weave and scalp helps combat the itch.

Wash your hair and scalp regularly to keep them clean and moisturized. Find out which wash frequency works best for your hair and scalp. It may be one time a week or once every two weeks. Use a moisturizing, detangling shampoo and conditioner. Avoid not washing your hair for lengthy periods, because bacteria will build up and make the itching worse. Allow your hair to air dry after washing it.

Apply an antiseptic to the itchy spots on your scalp in between hair washings. An antiseptic will kill the bacteria that is contributing to the itch. Dip a cotton swab in antiseptic mouthwash and swipe it over the itchy areas on your scalp to offer relief. Use witch hazel or hydrogen peroxide as alternatives.

Purchase over-the-counter anti-itch medication. Spray it on your scalp during an itch or apply it with a cotton swab to stop the itching.

Avoid vigorously scratching your scalp with your fingernails or hair combs, because this can cause abrasions to your scalp.

Give your weave room to breathe. Stop covering your hair with a hair bonnet while sleeping, because this traps air and makes the itching worse.

Avoid applying oil or grease to your scalp, because this will only trap itch-causing bacteria.